You Asked, We Acted

In this new, regular article for our blog, we share comments from the Sixth Form Council about an issue they have encountered or would like changed in the Sixth Form and how we acted to make it happen!

The Sixth Form Council highlighted that students felt that they didn’t know how to support their own mental health and how they could access support. In response, the Sixth Form pastoral team have introduced an app, Edukit, for students to download in order to track their wellbeing daily and access a range of focused resources to support their mental wellbeing. They can also send private, instant messages to the Sixth Form pastoral staff if they have any concerns for their wellbeing or would like to arrange to chat in person.

Students have really bought into this app and enjoyed having a read through all the resources with some students even putting together some of their own!  We have also produced this informational poster to be featured around the Sixth Form so students are fully aware of all the types of help they can access.

Thank you to the Sixth Form Council for their help in making this happen for their fellow students.