Ask an Alumnus

We are delighted to hear back from some of our recent graduates. First we hear from Megan Allen, Southmoor Sixth Form Alumni. Megan answered some questions about what she’s up to now.

What degree are you completing and at what university?
I am reaching the end of my LLB (Hons), which is a law degree! I study at the University of Sunderland.

Why should people choose the A level route?
A-Levels may seem scary but, ultimately, are so rewarding. It is not easy, at times you may want to give up, but if you push yourself you will achieve. A-Levels really give you an idea of what you want to pursue at university and your future career.

What did you enjoy about Southmoor Sixth Form?
I enjoyed seeing the progression I made from school to becoming a young adult. I struggled accepting help from teachers who I thought were ‘on my back’.  At sixth form I realised their goal was only to help me achieve to the best of my ability. The growth I found within myself even from my first year at sixth form to my second has helped me pursue and excel further than i ever thought.

What are you going to do next?
As I am reaching the end of my degree, I have found myself a graduate job! I will be working in a busy city-central Law Firm, my role will be a Legal Clerk. My plan for the future is to start my LPC/LLM (which is the qualification which makes you a solicitor incorporated with a master’s in law) in September. I will do this part time over a course of two years so I can work full time as a Legal Clerk and gain experience. Once I work at the Law Firm for a year i will be applying to do my training contract. This would make me a trainee solicitor. I could never have achieved where i am at currently, without the help and support of my teachers! 

We were also delighted to hear from one of last year’s graduates – Roop Kang was part of our Year 13 group who went through the difficulties of the first national lockdown and subsequent school closures that came with it. It’s so great to hear that he’s doing well as part of his decision to pursue a career in aircraft piloting:

I’m really enjoying my decision to not go to uni as this course is amazing, even though at the moment it is a lot harder than A-level, but it is a good challenge. I’m also the youngest on the course and getting the chance to network with people from all over Europe. I have 5 exams left before I will have finished all my theory and then I move to America to start flying single engine aircraft! 

Well done Roop and good luck!