Feb 11

The Addams Family

Our production of ‘The Addams Family’ came to a close, after delighting hundreds of guests across the four nights. Thanks so much for all the support and praise. The cast and crew really appreciated the encouragement.

Feb 11

OxNet Thinks Big

Professor Richard Bower from Durham University ran this year’s first OxNet Seminar on the topic of Cosmology. Our minds were boggled as we discussed questions like ‘How big is the universe?’ and ‘Does the universe have a beginning?’.  The session ended with students having a go on a VR headset, watching the formation of the Universe from the Big Bang.

Feb 11

 A Tour with a Difference

Year 12 and 13 Sociology students visited Durham University to explore the Sociology and Criminology Faculty and spend time with Dr Kim Jamie discussing the social stratification of society and the impact of policy on the individual. The university programme covers areas such as health, communities and social policy, education and social inequality.  Students then took a crime walk of Durham which charted the change in attitudes to punishment over the last 500 years from the last execution site to the famous escape from Durham prison.

Feb 04

OxNet in Durham

Successful OxNet applicants attended a Study Day at Ushaw College where they learned how to analyse gobbets of texts, debated the meaning of a ‘discipline’ and considered what truly makes a science or a humanity.  After a tour of the chapel and library filled with over 30,000 books, the day finished with a guide on university admissions and making successful applications to a highly selective university. Students learnt they are not climbing a ladder to get to where they are, but they are making a jigsaw which may sometimes seem unclear, but eventually connects to create a coherent and exciting whole.

Feb 04

Realising Opportunities at Newcastle University

Sixth Formers visited Newcastle University for a ‘Realising Opportunities’ event held for schools and colleges across the region. RO is a unique collaboration of leading, research intensive universities, working together to promote fair access and social mobility of students from groups underrepresented in higher education.

Jan 28

Sixth Form Open Evening Success

Year 11 students from across the city attended our final Sixth Form Open Evening of this academic year for a chance to think about where they want to be in three years’ time and to chat with representatives from universities and higher apprenticeships. It was fantastic to see so many new faces from schools across the area.

Don’t forget, applications are due in by Sunday 10th February. Don’t delay as the word of the excellent quality of further education we offer students is spreading and we have already received a large amount of applications for September. Make your application here.

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