The Votes Are In!

After a creative week of campaigning, pupils and staff cast their votes for members to form our Student Council. We were delighted by the number of pupils who embraced the democratic spirit of Southmoor with great enthusiasm. We are proud to announce the students who have successfully secured places to represent our 2018/19 Student Council.

This Year’s student council members are: Gracie Cameron, Ashton Samson-Smith, Ben Anderson, Yasmin Tanner, Millie Clark, Ben Cheal, Olivia Moulding, Ashley Dodds, Ali Iqbal & Daisy JohnstonMia Bell & Oliver Graham were also elected as our Deputy Head Students.

These students go on to join Head Students Brooke Murtha & Tom Grant and will meet every week to discuss ways in which to further improve Southmoor for everyone. You can view all of this year’s candidates’ manifesto videos below.