Student Union Launch

We will soon be forming our first ever Sixth Form students union, which will empower students like never before to take hold of their Sixth Form experience and become responsible for different areas of Sixth Form life. Students across the Sixth Form will vote in the ‘Union board’ which will comprise of 10 students to oversee different areas, from a Communities Officer to organise and oversee action in our community, to our equalities and diversities officer who will take a leading role in advocating for cultural expression, spiritual engagement and making the Sixth Form increasingly welcoming to difference and diversity. Chairing the board will be our two co-presidents who will also take on the roles of ‘head students’ on the Southmoor Academy student council, along with other representatives from Year  7 -11.

Students are currently making their applications, with campaigns running all the way up to the vote on Friday 14th October.