Sociology Raps

Year 13 are continuing to revise for their upcoming Sociology exams – as a connect activity – to aid their revision of sociological theories to explain the unequal distribution of wealth, income and poverty the class have written raps to remember the key principles of these theoretical viewpoints – the winning rap was performed by their teacher Mrs Bagshaw!

“Clear the way for Karl Marx to make his entrance, the proletariat aren’t getting any inheritance. 

Class structures face unequal distribution; prepare for the proletariat revolution!

The means of production are privately owned, creating a suppressed labour force relying on loans! 

The bourgeoisie has all of the UK’s wealth, whilst the working class have poor health! 

Forget about Functionalist explanations and Weber, when Karl explains poverty, he talks a pool of cheap labour  

Althusser says the welfare state is an ideological state apparatus, meaning the working class can’t even afford the school bus! 

Capitalism reinforces inequalities, allowing the persistence and existence of poverty!”