Raising & Giving

During 14th – 18th February the Sixth Form student council are running ‘Raising and Giving Week’ across the school. Everyone will participate, raising money for Red Sky Foundation, Love Amelia and the local Salvation Army food banks – three wonderful local charities.

Our lower school students are being encouraged to take part in this fundraising with enthusiastic and creative ideas to help raise money! Pupils will have the opportunity to raise money individually and as a form group throughout but most specifically we are asking each form to organise and run their own stall, activity or fundraiser at break / lunchtimes on one day of the week 14th – 19th Feb. The form that raises the most will win a luxury prize! To support with this organisation and running Year 12 students have been allocated a form group to support over the next two weeks. These students will come and join their allocated form over the coming weeks to help get things going!