Pushing Boundaries at Derwent Hill

Year 12 geographers spent two days in the Lake District looking at relict glacial landscapes and different land uses. They were fortunate enough to be greeted with covering of snow as they ascended Combe Gill towards Glaramara. They were able to see landforms from when the UK was last glaciated over 12,500 years ago including corries, tarns, arêtes and drumlins. On day 2, they visited the Newlands Valley and walked up and into Goldscope mine. Walking up to 250m into the mine shaft, students could see how they used to extract copper and lead as well as experience complete darkness for a few minutes when they all switched off their head torches! Despite the wind, the rain and the snow, there were no complaints and everybody had a thoroughly enjoyable experience and will be able to draw on their time in the Lakes when discussing glacial landscapes in the future.