Goodbye Year 13

Last week we said a very fond farewell to Year 13 students with a special goodbye party. Though their time at Sixth Form may have been unusual due to the global pandemic, we hope to have supported them through this difficult time and on to the next step in their learning journeys. As always, we forge long-lasting relationships with pupils both past and present.  We look forward to celebrating at the Year 13 Prom and are anticipating another great set of results in August before students embark upon the next phase of their futures – many having secured places at some of the UK’s top universities.

The Last Match

Before Year 13 students departed last week, there was time for one last grudge match between the Year 12 and 13 boys’ football teams. There was honour and pride at stake as Year 12 have defeated their senior chohort on their last two meetings. This time though, Year 13 took home the glory on their last chance victory to prove themselves against their rivals, well done boys!

Out with a Bang

Mrs Stewart’s and Mrs Doherty’s Year 13 geography class finished their year together with some volcanic celebrations in the sun having studied the process that forms volcanoes closely this year as part of their A-Level course. We will be sad to see this group leave us but trust that they’ll be studying many, real life volcanic eruptions for many years to come as they take what they’ve learnt onto university and beyond!

You Asked, We Acted – Year 11 Mentors

Last term students asked for a way to support Year 11 students as they move into the Sixth Form and build a greater sense of community between the year groups. For that reason we have launched our Student Mentor Program, whereby all Year 12 students will be matched with others just one year older than them.

Now, as Year 11 students finish their time in school we are paving the way for their transition into The Sixth Form by matching them up with mentors from Year 12 who will walk with them throughout their transition and Year 12 once they have arrived. These Year 12 and Year 11 students have been getting to know one another in the brand new Southmoor House sixth form building. During these sessions they have been able to ask questions about life in the Sixth Form, from those that are living it in Year 12 at the moment. We’ve loved getting to know our new students better and building community together that will benefit all into the months ahead!

Medical Students in Search of the Perfect Statement 

Year 12 students aspiring to apply to Oxford, Cambridge and Medical Courses attended a virtual personal statement workshop with educational consultant, Cathy O’Neill. They learned about how to structure their writing, and got tips for super-curricular activities that they could pursue to support their aspirations. Cathy commented on how astute the students were with their analysis of personal statement examples – a big well done!

Alumnus Advice

Former student, Amy Knott, ran an online event to give some advice to students looking to study at Oxford University, or other top institutions as a proud Mackem living in the south. This was an excellent chance for our students to hear from a recent alumnus about what to expect next on their journey into further education.