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  • A Buzz About Year 12

    The Buzz paid a visit to the Sixth Form to run Year 12 through their personalities tests and provide guidance on making career decisions that are right for them. Each student took the test and was given a certain personality type that is suited to a type of employment. This session runs every year and is always extremely helpful for Year 12s as they begin to consider where their future aspirations might lead them after their time at Southmoor!

  • A Chat with Oxford

    Hannah Snell from St Anne’s College, Oxford, visited our Year 12 students , to talk about applying to competitive universities and how to get a head start in getting involved with super-curricular activities. Students learned about the collegiate system, Oxford’s world class seminar-style teaching, and we’re introduced to bursaries available to contribute towards their studies.

  • A Fond Farewell


    Leavers-1And that’s it. The end. Our first sixth formers have competed their A-level courses, and now all that remains is some final revision and exams – before a long summer break. It has been an absolute pleasure to guide these wonderful students through their sixth form studies – in fact, the whole process has been by far the greatest thrill of my professional life. If I’m honest, I was at least as tearful as they were on our last day!

    Good luck to all of you, we’ll see you again soon.


    Sammy Wright

    Director of The Sixth Form


  • A Knockout Success

    Year 13 student Jude Perceival is showing his passion for boxing with his recent successes at the sport in the welter weight class. Jude has already had successes playing for the Sunderland football youth squad but having recently fallen out of love with football he has gained a new love for boxing, so much so that he has even reached a National Final!

    Jude is hoping to turn professional but will continue with his education to a university/degree level apprenticeship. He feels that his academic performance is enhanced by the skills and qualities he learns through his boxing including discipline, respect other people, team work and a sense of trust.

    We wish Jude all the best of luck at both his A-levels and his sport as he certainly works and trains hard for both!