Faye Looks for Nomination

This week is the vote across the city for new members to join the Sunderland Youth Parliament. We are delighted that Faye Drinkald in Year 12 has applied and students have been casting their votes in school to support her.  If elected, Faye will become part of the local advisory network of young people aged 11-19 responsible for representing the voices of all young people in Sunderland. You can read an excerpt of Faye’s manifesto pledge below.

‘If elected as one of the members, I will be working closely with other elected members around the UK to create projects surrounding mental health, climate change and hate crime, etc. I am passionate about these topics because I believe that young people really have a chance to change their future as we are the generation that these issues will have a full impact on for the rest of our lives. I really want to lead and be a part of Youth Parliament in order to be heard by anyone that holds power to listen to the voices of young people around Sunderland and the UK as a whole.’