Examens de Langue Française

The AS and A Level French speaking exams took place recently. During the A Level exams, students have to present their findings from an Individual Research Project. They have 2 minutes to present their research which is then followed by up to 10 minutes of questions. The students had their own choice of theme based on topics covered over the 2 year A level course.

Themes are varied and include:
Is it time for France to move to a 6th Republic?
Will we ever see a female President in the Elysée Palace?
What are the current attitudes towards Canada being a bilingual country?
How important is the Louvre for French society?
Does the French Baccalaureate qualification prepare young people successfully?
Is a Monarchy or Republic better for France?
What impact has the Dreyfus Affair had on French society?

Students have had to complete their own research over the last few months to present and then be ready for questions to find out their viewpoints and opinions.