Environmental Science

Environmental Science is relatively new A-Level introduced in 2017 which encompasses a huge range of environmental issues and concepts. Firstly, pupils are introduced to the living environment studying the conditions which make earth suitable for life and the living processes which drive the planet, including conservation of natural biospheres. With the physical environment pupils investigate the physical processes which have created and maintain our planet, as well as they ways these processes can be affected by climate change. 

Pupils will evaluate the pollutants being released across the globe and how the effects can be mitigated. Energy resource knowledge will be further developed surrounding renewable and non-renewable energies. Turning focus back to the living environment pupils will study how the planets biological resources are exploited to ensure food security and drive the economy; with focus on sustainably. 

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in GCSE Biology and one other GCSE science or Grade 6-6 in Science (Combined) and Grade 6 at GCSE Mathematics. You must have maturity, self-discipline, good study skills and the motivation to succeed. 

<b>Assessment Overview</b>
  • Two 3-hour exams each worth 120 marks. 
  • Mixture of multiple choice, short answer and 
  • extended essay writing. 
  • 100% exam based no coursework.