English Literature

The study of literature provides a fascinating insight into questions that don’t necessarily have fixed answers. It is a study of interpretations, of shaded and ambiguous meanings. Most of all, it is a chance to read and understand a variety of wonderful works of literature from a wide range of periods. 

English literature is a highly regarded, traditional A level which is accepted for most degree courses. It is especially suited to careers in journalism, law, teaching, public relations, and advertising. 

Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in both GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature 

<b>A-Level Course Content</b>

Unit 1: Drama and poetry pre-1900’ 

The first exam ‘Drama and poetry pre-1900’ is in two parts. In the first section, the topic is Shakespeare’s use of language. In the second section, candidates answer on a combination of one drama text and one poetry text. 

Unit 2: Comparative and Contextual Study 

The second exam ‘Comparative and Contextual Study’ will consist of a close reading (unseen exercise) and a comparative essay. Students will have free choice of texts (from a list of core set texts and suggested set texts) from within their chosen topic area. 


The coursework component requires candidates to study three texts from across the genres of poetry, drama and prose and produce one close analysis and one comparative essay.