English Language

We use language – written, spoken and electronic all of the time, but do we stop to consider HOW language is used and question it? Effective study of language requires curiosity, a keen eye and ear, a questioning approach and awareness of key concepts. The A level units will provide you with the opportunity to explore contemporary language, branching out from your own language use to wider social implications. 

You will develop your skills as a writer for different audiences and purposes – a rewarding and valuable skill, and build up your skills to research, plan, select and shape materials. You will learn to read as writers and to write as readers, developing an enquiring and open mind. Language will never be the same again! Language investigation plus original writing and a commentary. 


Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in English Language and Grade 5 in GCSE English Literature

<b>A-Level Course Content</b>

Paper 1: Language, the Individual and Society 

  • 40% of A level 
  • Written exam: 2 hours 30 minutes


Section A: Textual Varieties and Representations – two linked texts: one contemporary, one older 

Section B: Children’s language Development – A discursive essay on language development with a choice of two questions 

Paper 2: Language Diversity and Change 

  • 40% of A level 
  • Written exam: 2 hours 30 minutes 


Section A: Diversity and Change – An evaluative essay on either diversity or change 

Section B: Language Discourses – One analytical question and one writing question, both linked to diversity and change 

Coursework Language in Action 

  • 20% of A level 
Two pieces of coursework: 

  • One original writing and accompanying commentary on linguistic choices 
  • One Language Investigation