Ask an Alumnus with Caitlin Clark

We’ve been keeping in touch with some of our Sixth Form Alumni to check out what they are up to but also ask them what they thought of their sixth form experience in retrospect now they have made the move to higher education and beyond. This week we speak to Caitlin Clark, who left us in August 2018.

What degree are you completing and at what university?
I am currently at Sunderland University studying criminology.

Why should people choose the A level route?
People should use the A-level route as completing A-levels prepared me for how much work is needed for a degree. Picking three A-levels allowed me to see what I wanted to do as a degree and what I was interested in, I picked criminology due to my interest in law. I also received loads of support from my teachers which was really helpful due to being in sixth form five days a week so it made me engage more than college probably would have. Also, the sixth form gave loads of help with applying to university and writing a personal statement. For people not wanting to go into university A-levels have the option to get onto higher apprenticeships with good job prospects as they are highly recognised. I also enjoyed learning the content of A-levels as it was really interesting and allowed me to study subjects I couldn’t at GCSE.

What did you enjoy about Southmoor Sixth Form?
I really enjoyed my time at Southmoor Sixth Form. I came from Sandhill View and made loads of friends during my two years there who I still speak to now in my last year of my degree. I really enjoyed my lessons as they were interesting. All the teachers where really nice, made lessons interesting and where very helpful and informative. I also enjoyed sixth form as it was completely different to school as pupils where treated more like adults and you had more freedom than in school.

What are you going to do next?
Once I’ve competed my degree next summer, I am hoping to complete my PGCE in primary education. I am also looking to apply for my master’s in social work, so I have a backup.