Support & Guidance

Our support starts before you do. We want to make sure that you are on exactly the right course and that you have a clear idea of the value of that course to your future choices. Before you start, you will have an interview with the Director of Sixth Form who will seek to match your choices with all the available options.

  • A two day induction program in July to prepare student for Sixth Form teaching.
  • A dedicated Sixth Form tutor who will support you through the two years, from delivering a weekly lesson in study skills and time management at the start of year 12, to guiding you through university applications or the search for other further opportunities after the end of year 13.
  • After and before school study sessions.
  • The extra support of our sixth form Progress Mentors – trained in helping students struggling with the demands of sixth form teaching, as well as in helping those who are flourishing aim higher and aspire further.


Students should email our dedicated address for any pastoral support enquiries.