TEDEd Society

We saw the launch of the new TEDEd Society which will be running weekly during lunchtime. Students who are interested in learning how to generate big ideas and share them with the world and are keen to grow in confidence of public speaking and advocacy will be meeting each week. They will also learn about some of the world’s biggest questions from some of the most specialist people in their field and join a global community of students making a change today.

Cambridge Calls

Cambridge University gave Year 12 students an overview of what it’s like to study there – how it differs from other institutions and the opportunities available within colleges. We then had a Q&A with current Cambridge students to talk about their personal experiences.

Progress Evening Appointments Log On

Our Progress Evening remote system for this evening can be accessed here.

Please follow this link for this evening’s parent’s evening appoitnments.

Independent Project Prodigies

Year 12 have embarked their first independent projects. The projects are designed to develop skills for further academic study and employment in line with the World Economic Forum’s suggestions for skill building.

From the creation of a fantastic screenplay to a magazine project. From one student choosing to investigate the area of ‘Artificial Intelligence’, namely self-drive cars and the moral and ethical issues associated with them, to biology topics including titles such as: ‘The history of the NHS’, ‘Are you genetically predisposed to be a criminal?’ , ‘Blobfish’, and ‘What came first – the virus or the host?’. Many of the presentations were to a university level standard – our students have very exciting careers ahead of them!

Apprenticeship Awareness

Sixth formers had the opportunity to find out more about alternative post-18 pathways through a virtual session with a number of providers. Students were able to learn more about the types of courses that are offered at the University Centre at Newcastle College, followed by an introduction to the range of apprenticeships that are available at post-18, including Higher Level and Degree Apprenticeships. BGL Group, who operate a number of insurance-based brands including Compare the Market, talked about the range of apprenticeships they offer. Karen Routledge, our Enterprise Advisor from Seta, talked about the range of apprenticeships available in Engineering and related industries and about the application process. If students would like to ask more questions to these providers, they can email careers@southmoormat.co.uk or speak to Mrs Robinson, our Careers Advisor.

Elephant Club Continues

The Elephant Group launched their Access Programme with Year 12 this week. Students learned about the benefits of attending a Highly Selective University, were inspired by student ambassadors from different institutions such as York University, and had a live Q&A with students from their local area about life at university.