Foundations for Learning


We are delighted to announce that we have introduced an extension to your timetable you will now have 7 contact periods within each subject area, more time to learn and reflect alongside your teachers.

But it is not only work inside the classroom that is important – you will be given homework and independent style learning to complete, at a minimum you should be spending 4 hours per week, per subject, working individually on your studies. Remember this is a minimum – you should be challenging yourself to do more.


Our curriculum is highly individualised that is why we insist on 7 principles being present in your lessons each week.


Students will:

· Be set a quiz on SMHW each week.

· Complete an assessed piece of work.

· Complete the next steps your teacher has given you to do.

· Complete differentiated work.

· Complete your homework.

· Randomly have your files checked (organisation is the key to ..good learning).

· Complete a super curricular or independent task.


In conjunction with this we encourage wider aspirations, throughout your time at Sixth Form; you will never be short of opportunities. These programmes will give you a chance to begin to plan your personal route towards fulfilling you potential. Take every opportunity that comes your way!