What do you need to get in?

There is no preference given to students on the basis of where they have studied before. All are welcome. The base entry requirement is five 5-9 Grades at GCSE including English and Maths, although we will consider students who have missed a grade in English or Maths on an individual basis depending on what subjects they have applied for.

All individual subjects publish specific entry requirements in the prospectus.

When should I apply?

The admissions process into The Sixth Form begins quite early in the academic year, with applications due in by Monday 7th December 2020.

This is to ensure that all applicants have the time over the coming terms to focus on their GCSEs fully and spend as much time as possible planning their pathway through The Sixth Form and onto University or employment. This also ensures
that all applicants, both internal and external, have time to speak to the Sixth Form team with any questions or concerns they may have. This may include concerns about not achieving the required grades for entry etc. and ensure that the team can provide them with as much support and advice as possible over the remainder of the academic year.

If you miss the deadline, we do accept applications through the rest of the academic year, but early applicants will be given priority in their choice of subjects, and some advertised subjects may be no longer available.