Pathways Beyond 6th Form

As far as we’re concerned, our job is to make sure you can move on to the course or job you want the day you leave us. Everything we do is structured around preparing you for that, not least the extensive network of connections our Progress Mentors have built up.

Here are just some of the opportunities we can offer:

  • Partnerships with Newcastle and Durham Universities to allow students to use facilities and experience University study
  • Programs, including PARTNERS and Realising Opportunities, that will allow students to attend prestigious summer schools designed to give them a head start when applying for Russell Group universities
  • In-School and out-of-school Higher Education events
  • Trips to universities across the country
  • Specialist advice and support for those applying for Oxbridge, Medicine, Law and other competitive courses
  • Trained advice from experienced teachers and our dedicated Sixth Form Progress Mentors
  • Visiting speakers from Russell Group Universities
  • Opportunities to study beyond the curriculum, through the Extended Project and Global Perspectives