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Mar 25

Delving Deeper into History with OxNet

The latest OxNet seminar was led by Giles Gasper from Durham University where students questioned what ‘History’ actually is and more specifically how we really know things happened in the past.  Students discussed how fragile sources can be and how evidence often comes from specific groups.  Students discussed what ‘science’ meant in Medieval times – …

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Mar 25

Positively MAD

Shenaz from ‘Positively MAD’ inspired Year 12, and shared her own life story to teach them the importance of seizing the moment, taking every opportunity and never giving up. Students learned little tricks to enhance their study skills, such as using thought-associations to revise and remember key information.

Mar 18

Creative Thinking with OxNet

The latest session, led by artist Colin Rennie, focused around creativity and what this actually means. Students questioned stereotypes and preconceptions then debated whether scientists are classed as ‘creative’. This led to a conversation about Artificial Intelligence and whether computers can be creative.

Mar 18

Department for Education Visit

Jonathan Slater, Permanent Secretary for Education and other senior DfE colleagues visited Southmoor, recognising our work in raising aspirations and securing high standards.

Mar 11

Sunderland Symphony Orchestra Arrive at Southmoor

We saw the Sunderland Symphony Orchestra arrive to work with 120 instrumentalists from Southmoor and primary feeders Hudson Road, Hill View and Grangetown. At the end of the event they performed Grieg’s ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ and Mussorgsky’s ‘A Night on Bare Mountain’. Watch part of their performance clicking here or below.

Mar 11

Transmuting Understanding with OxNet

The fourth seminar of the OxNet series focused around Translation and Philosophy.  Students prepared by studying medieval works that were translated from Arabic into Latin. By the end of the session, students had a good idea of what makes science and philosophy different – science gives you an answer, whereas philosophy gives you a question.

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